Innovation has always been at the heart of the Orylag brand. The search for new colours and finishes closely follows the latest fashion trends.

The palette of colours and effects is endless as this material gives free rein to the inspiration of creative people, stylists, but also to tailor-made creations.

This down is offered not only in a rich and wide range of colours, but also in refined styles.

Being very sensitive to trends and innovation, the new collections of sensory touch, visual aspects and colours, are exhibited at the greatest international trade fairs.




A key reference, “the authentics”, are the colours in their natural state.

This original range encompasses all the search criteria: brightness and various shades of grey and brown.





Key harmonies lead to an extensive range of vibrant and deep colours, or pastel greys.

The most prestigious Fashion Houses such as Fendi, Christian Dior, or Camille Fournet, fall in love with these colours.






As a result of innovative processes, effects are multiple: pelts can be coloured, embossed, encrusted, treated.

Sculpting the fur increases the possibilities of looks and provides a 3D vision.

Research and innovation multiply creative proposals.